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'He turns the desert into pools of water' Psalm 107:35

Holy Ordinary Moments

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Genesis chapter 12 begins with a call for Abram to leave what was familiar and to walk with God into the unknown. This call was an invitation into an intimate relationship with God. The call of Abram was a holy moment; a crucial piece in God’s plan to create a nation to bless all other nations. But first Abram was required to leave his comfortable surroundings and step out into a much less structured space and existence. A story that begins with God’s call ends fittingly with the construction of two altars and Abram calling on the name of the LORD.

This past Sunday a group gathered in a home to worship. This was a step into the unknown. We have heard the call of God to be a blessing to those who have not yet found their way; those who are still struggling to hear God’s invitation to take their place in what he is doing.

Just as God invaded Abram’s space and invited him to venture out, we believe we are joining with God in new places to reach new people. I imagine the day God appeared to Abram had started as ordinarily as any other. But ordinary moments and spaces become holy when God breaks into them. Sunday was a holy ordinary moment in the Kingdom of God. A loft area became a children’s Bible class as pictured below. A living room became a place of praise. And a kitchen table became a place to gather for communion.

Ordinary moments and spaces were made holy because God called and we called back.


We hope to help many others join in what God is doing around them as we work toward our official launch later this year.

Think of a time when you felt God was calling you into something new. How did you respond? Let us know. We’d love to hear about it!


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