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Planting a New Church

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One of the first questions people ask when we tell them we are planting a new church is, “How do you do that?” This is an important question. There is a multitude of options when planting a new church; ranging from very grass-roots/organic to more tightly structured methods and approaches.

Our goal is to draw people into a rhythm of following Jesus that is both structured and flexible. These groups are sometimes called Missional Communities. Here is a great starting point for those that want to read more on the topic of MCs:


My shorthand definition for MCs is that they are Social because they are about people; they are Service-oriented because we believe in building inclusive community; and they are Spiritual because we model our rhythm of life after Jesus. People in community with Jesus. We usually call that church.

As stated above, the purpose of an MC is to help us live a balanced life that is modeled after Jesus’ own pattern of living. A basic rhythm of Up, In, and Out is creatively practiced. A scriptural example of this is what Jesus did in Mark 3:13-19:

Up: Jesus goes up the mountain. This usually indicates a time to be alone with God the Father in prayer. MCs spend time in prayer and worship.

In: Jesus calls the 12. This functions as a time of pouring into one another. Discipling and being discipled. Care for others and self-care.

Out: Jesus sends out the 12 to preach with authority and power. MCs practice compassion by powerfully proclaiming and practicing the ways of Jesus in their neighborhoods.

If you’re a visual learner, here is a basic roadmap for launching a church with missional communities from the article below by Mike Breen:

Church Planting Roadmap

                 Church Planting Roadmap


This is just one of the exciting ways that God’s Kingdom continues to expand. Find what God is doing around you and join Him!


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