Wellspring Church

'He turns the desert into pools of water' Psalm 107:35

Welcome to Arizona!

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One of the phrases we have picked up on while working with Kairos Church Planting has been “No one plants alone.” This framed note from the church staff at the Southwest Church of Christ is a great reminder of that ideal. The prayerful support of so many friends is invaluable as we continue to explore and get acclimated to our new environment. We can do nothing worthwhile apart from God and the blessing of godly people. We have been surrounded by people who believe in what God will do through this new community of faith. From friends at Northside in Blytheville, the church in Senath that was the first congregation to partner with us, and so many other friends and family members who have come alongside of us to direct our focus to God… We are not planting alone!


We thank God for those who are pursuing God alongside us, both near and far. We are especially grateful for Jonathan and Meghan Teel (and their sons Asher and Ezra!), Cliff and Chastity Henry, and Thomas Hamlet for their partnership in starting a new church for new people! God is doing great things and we are along for the ride.

God bless,


Contact us to find out how you can help! mjchaffin13@hotmail.com * 870-476-5289


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